Before Time

Scrambling is not a God thing.

Humans scramble because we get caught unawares. We get a call from the boss and instead of the report being due next week it’s due tomorrow.

Humans scramble because we didn’t plan well. The exam is in three days. We had assumed that was going to be enough time to study and now we’re discovering we’re wrong.

Humans scramble because somethings are not in our control. An emergency catches us off guard and our best laid plans go out the window.

Scrambling is strictly a human activity.

Simply put, this body and this environment lends itself to limitations and these limitations cause us to get in a dither when we perceive the unforeseen catching up.

I always thought the loot Israel got from Egypt after getting their freedom was a sweet afterthought to make up for generations of unfair treatment.

Yes, it was payback for centuries of cruelty, but it wasn’t something God thought about on the spur of the moment.

Remember Abraham’s (then known as Abram) frustration with God because he had it all except a child?

When God covenanted with Abram, God told him of events more than 400 years out.

Not only was Abram going to have descendants, but those descendants would be plentiful and not just plentiful, they were going to be enslaved by another nation.

Cheery prophecy right?

Even as God told of the evil that lay ahead, He also told Abram that there was going to be some semblance of justice.

The unpaid labor that had been provided was going to be paid for and Israel would leave Egypt wealthy.

Between Genesis 15 and Exodus 11, a lot happened but things turned out just how God said they would. Evil had its day yes, but God made things right and not just because He had a last-minute brain wave.

To be honest, there are situations that I look at and think, too late, too bad or too far gone. Certain situations have me thinking that if resolution is ever to come, God will have to get a move on.

Truth is, God doesn’t hurry because unlike us, the future is not all obscure. God knows what’s coming and He’s already prepared countermeasures long before we get into any hard situation.

Human as I am, time increases my level of doubt, especially when the passage of time highlights recurrent unanswered prayer.

Hard as it is to admit, there are things God isn’t going to do, but the things He’s going to do He’s going to do even if it doesn’t suit our timing. Even if we’ve given up.

He’s not worried that something looks last minute and He’s not intimidated by the passage of time.

Neither should you.

That’s something I need to chew on.

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