This word was just for me.

I know it might sound a bit out there to think God selected grammar just for my benefit, but stay with me here.

It could have been written any other way.

Matthew did[1].

He relayed the feeding of the four thousand as it happened. People were hungry and there was no food to feed them. Somehow though, with seven loaves in the hands of Jesus, all four thousand (that’s excluding women and children) got fed.

Not just that, they got fed to the point that they were satisfied and had baskets of food left over.

Mark on the other hand added a word that my worrying heart just needed to hear[2].

He said Another crowd gathered.

I hope you caught that. Another meant this wasn’t the first time. Another meant some details were different but in some ways things were the same. 

Instead of 5000 there were 4 thousand people. Instead of five loaves, there were seven, and this time there was no mention of fish.

You know what detail didn’t change between both scenarios?

The presence of Jesus.

Following the logical, the disciples should have known that what He did before, He could do again.

If anything, there were more resources with less need this time around. Just do the math of 5000 divided by 5 as against 4000 divided by seven.

But just like me they questioned. Just like me they doubted. Just like me they weren’t sure.

I’ve seen my fair share of miracles.

In a way, my life could possibly be described as a miracle.

What I easily forget when I come across freshly  intimidating circumstances is the fact that the Jesus who put to bed the old giants I faced is the same Jesus with me as I stare down a new variant of trouble.

Life is often upended by fearful circumstances.

What if the worst-case scenario happens?

What if life beats me up so much that I lose my faith?

What if everything I’ve believed in turns out not to be true?

You see why I think Another was perfectly placed for me?

God knew his disciples in the first century and in 2021 would share common questions. He knew trouble was going to come in all shades and sizes and when that happened, some of His people (me), would need reminders that He had done bigger things before and was able to handle whatever new version of trouble came our way.

The crowd may be different  but the God we serve hasn’t changed.

It’s a reminder I often need.

Especially when another (fill in the blank)  threatens my world.

[1] Matthew 15 v 32-39

[2] Mark 8 v 1 – 10

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