Have you ever thrown a tantrum?

I’m in the middle of one… sort of.

In my world, a tantrum happens when I lose my hope in direct response to trouble, annoyance, fright or hurt.

The current situation involves looming clouds that have put my heart in my stomach for the better part of a week. From where I stand it’s hard to see anything but a worst case scenario and every time I think things through, my heart jumps into my throat.

Yesterday I had a chat with a pastor to discuss the situation and he unintentionally brought up an old situation that currently lists under my unanswered prayer pile.

His reminder sent me into a tirade of what if’s and dredged up a painful spot in my soul which is yet to heal.

My solution for now has been distracting myself online which has only succeeded in being a big waste of time, but along the line I got a hope poke. Part of my daily routine includes listening to certain podcasts  and on today’s episode a famous guy talked about having to turn down an opportunity nine years ago which didn’t line up with his beliefs while hearing God tell him that he was going to get other opportunities that would be tailor made for him.

Fast forward nine years, and he’s been given an opportunity that lines up with his faith, his heart and his talents which has turned out amazingly well. Listening to that, I felt God telling me that the way he saw what I call unanswered, was the wrong opportunity and He knows how to custom make opportunities for me.

After listening to that, my first thought was “how does He know I’m here”. How did God know that I was going to tune in to this message and get something that resonated so deeply with me?  

Then I got it.

God knows exactly where I am.

Simplistic maybe, but this has to do with so much more than geography.

God knows where I am emotionally.

He knows where I am financially.

He knows where I am spiritually.

He knows where I am on my journey through this life, and He knows how to find me when I feel horribly lost in the stuff that get thrown at me.

I love that.

This is not the first time that I’ve felt overwhelmed by circumstance, and it probably won’t be the last, but the fact that God knows where I am, means He can find me and give me what I need.

It’s not a new story, God being able to locate.

Hager discovered this when she was lost in the desert and thought she had no choice but to leave her son to die. Elijah discovered this when ravens were deployed to feed him during a famine, and when he changed locations, God’s supply still found him from the kitchen of a widow. Peter discovered this when he was thrown in jail and an angel was sent to lead him out.

And John discovered this after age and loneliness caught up with him on the Isle of Patmos. God still knew where and how to find his battle worn saint.

Sometimes I don’t even know where I am. I give some responses and I wonder where my heart was when I spoke those words. I forget some things and question where my head has been. Thankfully, God has no problem locating me in all areas of my life and the same goes for you too.

No one else may see where you are.

No one else may know of the ache behind the smile, but He does and because He knows where you are, getting help to you is not a problem. That help may not come when or how you’d like it, but it will come.

The God, who supported an Israeli economy in the desert with a constant supply of manna, has never been limited by your location.

Don’t be surprised when He finds you.

I don’t know what’s going to happen. I frankly don’t know if things will even go my way. I pray they do, but the comfort of knowing that divine eyes lovingly locate me even when I’m in the most unflattering of places have heightened my awareness of something.

The battle is not mine, it never has been, it’s His, and His vision never fails.

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