it's easy for me to get used to a routine.


After all, it's only logical that two comes after one, three comes after two etc (or so I tend to think). "All things being equal", is one of my favourite phrases, but on more than a few occasions, things just don't work out the way I think. Something slides out of order and throws everything off balance, and what was originally considered to be on solid footing, turns out to be wobbly (at the very least).

Take yesterday for example.

My lights went out in the morning, and seeing as I haven't had a blackout lasting over thirty minutes in over two years, I assumed the lights would be back on at the very least, by the afternoon. Well, 'at the very least', got chucked right out the window when six hours later, there still was no sign of the power coming back. I had an appointment in town, and so I temporarily forgot my power outage blues. It was only when I was rounding up with a friend and I mentioned my plans to update my blog that night, did an alarm go off .Oh, by the way, we were live on radio with - I don't know how many - people listening in.

See, no light for me meant no battery power to get online, and so there was no way to make good on my promise within the allotted time, and  you guessed it; there was still NO electricity by the time I got home (so much for all things being equal!).

I don't know why we assume tommorrow will look like today. There is too much evidence to the contrary. Cemeteries, wrinkles and divorces are a few of the things that tell us things change, and when we get thrown a curveball, we must adapt whether we're ready or not. It can be scary when change sneaks up on you ( especially when that change is loaded with pain). Which is why this part of scripture is all the more comforting.

Jesus is ascending, and he's instructing the disciples to go fulfill the great commission:

" Surely I am with you always. To the very end of the age."

At the very least, there are two reliable pillars here.


If he spoke it, he meant it; and if he meant it, tomorrow looks good.

No matter what gets thrown our way.

No matter what stops working.

What God says, he means; and that is something we can count on.

He'll be with us always.


When we don't understand, he'll be there.

When life goes south, he'll be there

When circumstances won't budge, he'll stay put.

That's a lofty promise.

That's a promise we can count on.

I intend to.


Afra Opoku is a Christian Writer who delights in painting word portraits of a tender hearted King.


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