And so it begins…

The calendar flips, the year opens and we’re given the gift of New.

With a new year comes new hope, fresh dreams and renewed energy.

 It’s interesting that a God who is timeless gave man the gift of time. I sometimes wonder how things would have been if we didn’t get the partition of time.

 If all we did was keep going.

 If there was no morning and no night.

If the days were not segmented into weeks and the weeks were not segmented into months and the months were not segmented into years…

Have you ever thought about a life that just went on and on and on…?

In a world of heartbreak and failure and pain, we probably would not be able to keep up.

Right from the get-go our loving Father set into motion the times and the seasons. Even the gift of Jesus’ appearance as a man, split time as we know it into two distinct eras and gave us the calendar as we read it now.

On a morning like the first of the year I’m reminded that God is not just the God of second chances, He’s the God of multiple chances and that’s evident in every New Year.

So enjoy the last of the fireworks and enter this new season with wide-eyed optimism.

He wants you to.

He provided fresh manna for the Israelites with every new day and with the dawning of the New Year He’s made provision for a fresh batch of blessings for you.

Your best days are ahead and you can be sure that He’ll be there to walk you through them.

Happy New Year!