Beyond Amazing


It was an average week.


There was a bit of ruckus from the folks who had come to town for the census but by and large, life held a steady rhythm.


Tend to the sheep. Make some money. Better yet, make some money taking care of the sheep. Mind your family, worship in the synagogue and pray thieves and wolves and disease don’t make off with the bottom line.


They had done night shifts a million times. There was nothing to say this night shift was going to be any different.


Boy, were they wrong!


Heaven could barely contain the news. Like a proud papa in the delivery room. God beamed at his Son and set off the heavenly jukebox.


…and who were the first to know? A bunch of cold sleepy shepherds who had no idea they were going to experience the most extra ordinary night of their lives.


No one knew what God was doing but all through Mary’s uncomfortable journey to Jerusalem and her even more uncomfortable delivery in a place meant for animals, He was about to unveil His greatest gift  to humanity.


This is no ordinary week.


Traffic has tripled, budgets are busted and the malls are packed.


It’s the Christmas rush. Houses are decorated and most people are beyond jolly. In a few days most fridges will be full as we celebrate the Christ child entering our world. We the humans will gaze at the gift we could never imagine God giving. We will be the recipients of grace that is beyond amazing. We will cast aside our chores, our bills and our burdens as we gaze at the divine enter our very natural world.


This is no ordinary gift. Because of Him, we can shed the chains of guilt, fear and shame and come with boldness to a father who has the universe at his command.


Because of this gift, disease has no more footing and death is but a lull in our song.


Because of this gift, we will get to enjoy better- than- Eden and we can look forward to a victorious future.


I know you’re busy. I know you’re probably overloaded with more tasks than you can handle. I’m going to ask you to stop for a while and gaze in wonder. The whole world may have gone crazy with free shipping and deals of the day, but God gave a gift that’s meant just for you.




He wasn’t given to beat you down or break you up. He was given for your good.


Trust God on that.


Afra Opoku is a Christian Writer who delights in painting word portraits of a tender hearted King.


Her book “He Restoreth My Soul” is available in the Kindle store on