Bass Guitar


Have you ever wondered why we are all so different?


Black. White. Asian.


Tall. Short. Slender. Stocky


and that’s not even the full scope with appearances.


Then there is temperament;










and if you bother to take a personality test, there are a whole lot more.


Then of course we have male and female.


I’ve done my fair share of wondering on this subject. After all, we the sons of Adam often look at our differences as reasons for division and get into a shouting match on who is better.


Who is more superior.


God loves diversity. Even though the word has been co-opted for purposes not necessarily godly, God could have chosen to make us carbon copies of each other.


He didn’t.


I love music, and one of my favorite habits when I’m listening to a great sound system is to pick out an instrument and listen for its track in a song.


For some reason I do that with the bass guitar a lot. It’s not an overwhelming instrument and largely stays in the background in most tracks, but it’s part of the harmony of drums, pianos, lead vocals, background vocals, and all the other instruments that make for a beautiful song.


It’s easy to consider yourself unimportant when you’re not the one at the forefront.


The world will add its voice to the chorus that unless you’re on stage and in the forefront you don’t matter.


God doesn’t think that way at all.


What makes you different?


That’s something he did on purpose in you.


Your inability to blend in?


That’s intentional.


He didn’t make a mistake when He picked your place of birth, your skin colour, your temperament and what touches your heart.


He crafted you on purpose because He has a very special place in the choir of His kids that He wants you to fill.


He delights when you play that which you’re uniquely designed to play.


He’s listening for your tune.


When Jesus says He came that we might have life more abundantly, He wasn’t making a super spiritual statement.


Exceedingly, abundantly is a life awash with broader smiles, more laughter and a heart that dances with abandon.


I know you fill a serious role at work and in your daily life, but your father wants you to let loose and bubble up with joy. That comes when you delight yourself in who He made you to be.


Stop looking at everyone else. Trash the message that you’re inferior and stare at the wonder that God has invested in the person called you.


He’s listening for your tune.



Go ahead and play it.


Afra Opoku is a Christian Writer who delights in painting word portraits of a tender hearted King.


Her book “He Restoreth My Soul” is available in the Kindle store on